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Ciao! 这里是魅力苏州桥研究小组,很高兴遇见你! 这是一个由四名对鸭脖线上娱乐官网会员注册情有独钟的高中生组成的小队。

Ciao! This is Soociao Research Team. It’s our pleasure to meet you! We are made up of four high school students passionate about the bridges in Suzhou, which we call “Soociao”.

Suzhou is entitled “Venus in the east” for its countless rivers and streams. Where there is a river, there is a bridge. Bridges had always been an indispensable part in Suzhou’s water-based culture until modern transportation and iron bridges replaced their position in our life. It is understandable that modern bridges may function better, but what’s really pitiful is that the cultural value inside those ancient bridges fades simultaneously. Grass grows on these once crowded bridges. Poems on them can only be found in old collections.

Is the cultural value inside these ancient bridges of no more importance to this modern society? At least for us, “No!” The morality and ethics behind the folk tale of Xuegao Bridge, the ancient wisdom hidden in the design of Yinjing Bridge, as well as the beauty and romance of the origin of Baodao Bridge are all precious cultural heritage that still worth learning from even today. Once you really get into it, I assure you that you will be attracted.

Our modern way of life does need such classical elements.

If you keep following us, we will open up the gate for further exploration into the rich and beautiful history and culture of “Soociao” for you. Let’s find out together what it really means to protect a branch of culture and to revitalize it in modern day society.


About us
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