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Brief Intro to Wumen Bridges

Basic info:
Located outside the south-west gate of Suzhou city, WumenBridge crosses the Grand Canal, connecting panmen street in the north andPanmen road in the south. It used to be the only way to get through Pan Gate onland.

Historical context:
Wumen Bridge was originally built for only onepurpose---convenient transportation. The location of Wumen Bridge was preciselywhere two canals intersects with each other, so there used to be extremelystrong currents. This made boat the only option for crossing the river, whichwas quite inconvenient. To address such an issue, one man named “Chen” donatedfunds to build a bridge over the river. According to History of Wu, the bridge’s earliest name was “New Bridge” probablybecause it opened up a new age for transportation. The bridge also had anickname----Santiao Bridge(santiao refers to three lines) due to the fact thatit originally consisted of two wooden bridges and one stone bridge. Nowadays,after several modifications, the bridge looks completely different. Due to itsspecial location, Suzhou people call it “the first bridge you will see if yougo into Wu.” After simplification, the bridge gets its name---Wumen Bridge.

Current Situation:
Unfortunately, this bridge also can’t escape from the forceof time. After all these years, it too has got old and partly broken. Yet, whatis more shameful is that no active protection project has been carried out. Ourgroup sincerely hope that through our collective efforts, we can attract moreattention and preserve such a significant cultural heritage.

Brief Intro to Wumen Bridges
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