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Fun Facts: Nostalgia, Poem, and bridge

Do you know that one of the most famous Chinese poem was written under a bridge after the poet failed the test.

枫桥夜泊, which can be translated as mooring at night by the maple bridge, is one of the best and most popular Chinese poem. It's known by almost everyone in China. It's included in the literature textbook all over China. Even the Japan students are required to learn this poem in their class. It was written by Zhang Ji (张继) in Tang Dynasty (唐) around 756 A.D. It was in the middle of a major cival war (安史之乱) when Zhang wrote this poem. To avoid warfare, Zhang left his home town for Suzhou, where was still safe at that time.

One fall night, when his boat was right under the maple bridge in the midnight, the bell of cold mountain temple (寒山寺) rang. Hearing that melancholy tone, Zhang had a strong feeling and wrote that famous poem. It was a poem of nostalgia, and also a poem of bridges. That poem made Zhang a famous poet and maple bridge a famous bridge.

At moonset cry the crow,
streaking the frosty sky;
Dimly lit fishing boats,
neath maples sadly lie.
Beyond the city wall,
from Temple of Cold Hill.
Bells break the ship
-borne roamer's dream andmidnight still. (translated by 许渊冲)

Fun Facts: Nostalgia, Poem, and bridge
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