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Fun Facts: Smallest Bridge

Do you know that the smallest bridge in Suzhou is only two meters long and one meter wide.

Yinjing Bridge (引静桥)is located in one of the most famous traditional Suzhou Garden Wangshi Garden (also known as the Master-of-nets Garden 网师园). It’s the smallest and the shortest stone bridge in the world. Only 2.4 meters (7 feet 10 inches) long, it can be easily get across within 3 steps, so it is also dubbed as the Three-step Bridge.

The Yinjing Bridge bridge is an tiny cutie in many tourists’ eyes, but it has all the components of a arch bridge. On the bridge, there are meticulously designed flower sculptures engraved in the traditional Chinese style, partly covered by the lively vines. Some may consider it as a fragile work of art; however, this fully functioned tool has helped generations of people to get across. Although no one know exactly when it was built, Yinjing Bridge the earliest record of it can trace back to 18th century. It’s elegant yet tough.

Although much smaller in sized compared to other gardens, Wangshi Garden has never been considered as a small garden and it’s largely due to the help of Yinjing Bridge. When building this garden, the designer ordered to built a bridge across the longest part of the 447-square-meter pond, hoping to make the garden seem larger. “Yinjing Bridge* fulfills its duty perfectly: although the tiny river ends after the bridge, it builds an illusion of spacious.

Yinjing Bridge is considered as a representative of traditional Suzhou people. Famous as an cannel town, Suzhou is always linked with elegance and tenderness. We are good at making fine products such as silk. However, we also make the finest swords. Suzhou people are elegant and tough just as the bridge.

Fun Facts: Smallest Bridge
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