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Ice-cream Bridge?

Basic info:
Located east to the Xiao lane, Xuegao Bridge is 5.8m in length, 3m in width, and 2m in height. Built in Song dynasty, it has been modified several times to maintain and restore its beauty.

Folk tales:
Once in ancient times, there was one dutiful son living in the Xiao lane with his mom in extreme poverty. When they ran out of food in winter, the son reached out for snow to feed his mom. This action moved his neighbours so deeply that when he passed away, they named the bridge near his home “Xuegao Bridge”(Xuegao means snow in English.)

Originally, there was a temple upon the bridge, which created a special sight called “Bridge carrying the temple”. Poets have composed countless poems on this beautiful and rare view. Yet for security reasons, the temple was removed roughly 50 years ago. Fortunately, this temple has now been reconstructed to restore the beauty of the “Bridge carrying the temple” scene.? ?

Ice-cream Bridge?
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