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Important facts about "Wuque" Bridge

Basic info:
Located in the southern part of Suzhou city, Wuque bridge was built in The Spring and Autumn Period, which makes it the oldest bridge in Suzhou.

Historical Context:
Wuque Bridge was build around the spring and autumn period (771 to 476 BC) by record it is the oldest bridge in Suzhou that still exist nowadays. It is an ancient stone arch bridge that is later adapted into a level bridge. Its name, wu que, which means a kind of auspicious avian in Chinese, was actually derived from the Wu King's chamber built around that bridge at that time. Not to exaggerate but its location was where the king of Wu lived and it was where the ritual center lies. The ancient value of a bridge lie much more than simply a transportation tool but more importantly it allows communication beside the bridges to develop. Wuque was more of a name out of ritual than a name after the famous Chinese ancient legend of? “the Cowherd and the Girl Weaver” which is something to be careful of when considering the role this particular bridge play in ancient literature (poems mostly).

Wuque Bridge was originally much taller and more artistically designed before 1987. The original arch structure was replaced with a more practical design of a level bridge to maximize transportation flexibility.

Important facts about "Wuque" Bridge
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