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Let's walk across the triple bridges

“The triple bridges”?in Tongli refers to “Taiping Bridge”, “Jili Bridge”?and “Changqing Bridge”?which locate closely together. These three bridges are highly valued by local people due to their sophisticated design and attracting outlook. They together form a shape of “口”?and lie on the spot where three rivers intersect.

The custom of “Walking across three bridges”?originated from ancient marriage. In ancient times, every time a new couple got married, they would walk across the three bridges. The groom would always carry the bride across the first bridge on his back and carry her with both arms across the second bridge. Finally, the couple would cross the final bridge with their hands holding tightly together. As time passed by, this custom also extended to other aspects of life. For example, an grandpa would need to go across three bridges on his 66th?birthday and a baby would also need to go across three bridges when he was exactly a month old.

“Walking across three bridges”?has been an unique custom in “Wu”?area. There were quite a lot of poets who composed countless poets on this interesting custom. In broad terms, the custom of “Walking across three bridges”?is a way for people to express their wishes for positive outcomes---Good grades for children, promising career for young men, beauty for girls and longevity for the elderly.

Apparently, the cultural value of the three bridges in Tongli lies in the fact that they are important representation and carrier of this intriguing ancient custom. I hope from now on, everyone who visits the three bridges in Tongli will not only see their outside beauty but also explore the precious ancient culture inside the bridges.

Let's walk across the triple bridges
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