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Why “Miedu”

Basic info:
Located outside the south-east Feng gate of Suzhou, Midu bridge crosses the grand canal from Beijing to Hangzhou. Originally built in 1298 B.C, it's 337.4m long and 36m wide.

Historical context:
According to Suzhou dictionary published in 1997, “Mie Du Bridge” was built in 1300 B.C. in Yuan dynasty.
There is one sentence in an ancient book Suzhou memory describing the origin of this bridge------To destroy the unfairness and violence.
“Mie Du Bridge.” “Mie” means wiping out. “Du” means crossing the river on boat. “Mie Du” means wiping out crossing the river on boat. Sounds unreasonable, doesn’t it? To understand the origin of this name, there is one folk tale we have to know.
“In ancient times, the current location of the bridge was the only way to get from the south-eastern part to the central part of Suzhou. At that time, there was not a single bridge, which made boats the only possible means to get people from one side to the other side of the river. Boatmen used this situation of monopoly to bully the passers-by, stealing their money, robbing their baggage, even taking away their lives. This condition continued until a monk passed this location and witnessed the boatmen’s evil behavior. He raised funds to build a bridge here. From then on, nobody was traveling by boat which gave the name of “Mie du” to this bridge.

Famous spot:
The moon of “Midu”. Standing on the bridge on one of the bright nights, you will see the moon half in water half in air, blending into the view of the canal and the serendipity of the night.


Why “Miedu”
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