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The relativity of "Yinjing" Bridge

“Yinjing Bridge”, located in “Wangshi”?Garden is the smallest bridge in Suzhou. With only 2.4m in length and 1m in width, it can be crosses within three steps, so it is also called “Three step”?Bridge.

The “Caixia”?Pool below the bridge is actually small in size, but in order to create a sense of vastness, the designer built two tiny bridges on the north-west and south-east corners of the pool, which, according to architects, could maximize the effect of extending space. The “Caixia”?Pool behind “Yinjing”?Bridge was originally no more than a pool of backwater but due to the sophisticated positioning of the bridges, it now looks like a, at least, visually huge pool, which undoubtedly adds a lot to the beauty of the whole garden.

This kind of design is really intriguing. The bridge itself is so small, but surprisingly, it can enlarge the space of the pool, just like how ancient Chinese poets used happiness to emphasize the actual sorrows in their poems. No matter in the fields of architecture or literature, ancient Chinese seem to have gained a thorough understanding of the effects of relativity. Such sophisticated tactics are indeed wisdom of our ancient ancestors, while “Yinjing”?Bridge, as illustrated above, is surely the perfect representation.

The relativity of "Yinjing" Bridge
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